Our Mission

Innovation, Disruption, Improvement

Our Vision

Establish a more convenient transportation network and changes human life


Paking Milestone-2018


  • April-Showcased the smart parking solution at the Taipei Smart Building Exhibition.
  • April-PaKing established the first new-generation smart parking lot in Kaohsiung Software Park at the Foxconn Technology Building. Formally beginning its services in southern Taiwan.
  • May-PaKing installed its solution in Taipei Adventist Hospital - the first Hospital site.
  • June-Partnered with TPS24 Parking, a Taiwan island wide parking lot operator, to bring 8 more parking lots into PaKing service coverage.
  • July-Cooperation with Hong Kong Telecom to bring PaKing’s smart and customized parking solution to Hong Kong city center at Mira Shopping Mall.
  • August-Cooperated with parking chain operator to increase the number of partner parking lots including the newly opened BaDe parking lot as well as the enormous Taipei Arena parking lot.
Paking Milestone-2017


  • March-Signed MOU with Thailand Joint Venture for enabling PaKing SMART parking solutions into Thailand local market.
  • March-Kick off solutions integration and development for Outdoor Smart Parking with PaKing Indoor SMART Parking system.
  • March-Start collaboration with foreign Telecom operators for incubating solutions into various venues and partners.
  • July-Invest on NB-IoT integration solutions and testing with new platforms with Telecom Operators.
  • August-Invited to exhibit in the BOA Solution Day in Thailand.
  • September-PaKing SMART parking solution exhibited in MCI Solution Day in Indonesia with Thailand Joint Venture.
  • September-Deployed more PaKing Smart Parking lots at downtown area of TPE.
  • October-Invited to exhibit in the “Smart Devices IoT” Theme Booth in 2017 TAITRONICS by Taiwan’s III.
  • October-PaKing iOS App is officially released on App Store and starting parking service operation in Taipei.
Paking Milestone-2016


  • January-PaKing Technology Taipei operated officially.
  • June-PaKing SMART parking system completed the installation for the first demo site in Neihu District of Taipei.
  • July-Patent applications in multiple countries were all approved.
  • September-First demo site has been fully setup.
  • October-PaKing SMART parking system completed its indoor navigation and received first run test pass.
  • October-Signed MOU with the First Joint Venture in Taiwan for rolling out solution from PaKing SMART parking system.